Short-eared Success

This afternoon, as the weather had brightened up a bit my wife suggested that we should go out for a walk with the dog. “Fine by me, shall we take him to Barbury Castle”. “So you can look for the Owls I suppose”. So off we went to Barbury. The only problem was that whilst Chiseldon had cleared, Barbury hadn’t so we were back in the grey damp fog. We parked at the western end and walked up to and around the Castle and then back down to the track at the base. Two Kestrels and a Buzzard were seen along with Blackbirds and a couple of flocks of Starlings. Just before we arrived back at the car I saw an Owl fly up from the rough ground to our left. It flew off towards the racecourse so obviously that was where we headed. We wandered along the road and eventually got good views as the Owl hunted along the western slopes  of the Castle. After a couple of minutes it flew over the ridge and out of sight. I shall be back for more later in the week.


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