A Country Drive

After a morning of Christmas shopping and a bit more work on the house I managed to fit in a couple of hours of birding. So after doing a couple of things in Marlborough I went to the east end of Savernake. Managed to find a flock of tits moving through. Mainly Blue and Great along with a couple of Coal and a Goldcrest. Nuthatch and Jay were heard but not seen. I then picked up a small flock feeding at the top of the trees. Eventually they dropped down and I saw that they were Lesser Redpoll. Just five of them but always a good bird.

I then decided to drive home on the back roads via Ramsbury and Aldbourne Chase. There were a few Fieldfare around and near to Rudge a covey of ten Grey Partridges feeding in the middle of a field. The most I have seen together for a

long time. Also seen were a couple of Buzzards and a Kestrel. Final stop was at my local Little Owl site. My last few visits have drawn a blank and I have been wondering if they had gone, especially as on my last visit two Buzzards were perched in there favourite tree. So I was pleased to see two Owls sat out in their usual spot.I watched them for a few minutes until they both flew off.

2 responses to “A Country Drive

  1. Hi Malc, enjoying your blogs – the grey partridges n redpolls are lovely! Happy Christmas- Jenny

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