Through the Windscreen

Well it sure was great weather for birding today. However instead of being out and about with the optics I was working all day. I did manage a bit of a bird list  starting with a Barn Owl on the roadside near Bulford. Driving past Blashford Lakes just as dawn was breaking and being unable to stop was frustrating as there have been some good birds here lately. Quite a few swans were on Harbridge Meadows and I see from Birdguides that some Bewicks were reported there during the day. Jay, Mistle Thrush, Fieldfare and my first Redwing of the autumn were seen along with three Kestrels and numerous Buzzards, most of them stood around in the fields. A covey of a dozen or so Red-legged Partridges made a change from the masses of Pheasants. By the pig farm at Old Sarum were at least a couple of hundred Lapwings and a few Starlings. Three Roe Deer, a Muntac and a couple of Hares gave some four-legged interest.


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