An Urban Twitch

Needing a break from working on the house I had decided to try for the Rose Coloured Starling that has been frequenting Friary Road in Bishopston Bristol for almost two weeks. With the weather forecast looking positive I rang Pete to see if he fancied joining me. To be honest I am not keen on birding city streets on my own. I picked Pete up at just before nine and after braving the traffic in West Swindon we were soon heading west on a damp and misty M4. The relevant road was easily found being just off of the main Gloucester Road. There was somebody already on site, a photographer who had seen the bird about fifteen minutes before we arrived so we got to see a picture of the Starling taken at point-blank range. Way to close for a 300mm lens apparently. This is quite an interesting area with a variety of properties, some nicer than others. Also close was a school, something that nowadays can make loitering with binoculars seem a little dodgy! More birders arrived, at one stage there were nine of us and we attracted interested comments from passing locals. A few knew what we were looking for with one lady informing us that she regularly saw the Starling by her back door. A few birds were around, House Sparrows and normal Starlings the most numerous along with pigeons, gulls and Blue Tits. By now the mist had been burnt off by the sun, the morning chill had gone and it was quite pleasant. After about an hour the Starling suddenly appeared from along the road. It landed atop a tree and just as I got the bins on it dropped down into the gardens. Apart from a couple of brief glimpses as it fence-hopped that was it for another hour. Main interest in this period was a Sparrowhawk passing over. Somebody then called the Starling and all got a good view as it sat at fencetop level in one of the gardens for a mere minute or so. Happy with the views Pete and I decided to head off. As we did the Starling decided to leave as well and we watched as it flew up and onto the roof of a nearby building. It them moved to the top of some trees along with a couple of local Starlings. Here it stayed for just a minute or so allowing a couple of poor record shots before it dropped down out of sight. So it was back to the car and  onto the motorway. So ended a successful trip with my thirteenth new bird of the year.

2 responses to “An Urban Twitch

  1. Richard Willams

    Nice one Malcolm

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