Escaping the Paintbrush

Although I woke early this morning the attraction of a warm bed easily beat a cold and wet walk. Then it was on with the decorating for most of the day. At a little past three with the skies brightening I decided to head over to Coate Water for an hour or so. On the horse paddocks along Dayhouse Lane were around forty Black Headed Gulls and twenty-five Pied Wagtails, also a few Starlings. On the  floodwater were a good lot of Teal. I was halfway through counting them when they all decided to take to the air and head off towards the nature reserve lake. I reckon at least eighty. Around ninety Canada Geese were feeding on the grass along with a few Mallards. Fourteen Snipe were counted along the muddy margins and both Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker flew over. Returning to the car I had another count of the Wagtails and found that the flock had more than doubled. At least fifty-two counted with more flying off before I managed a count. Then it was back home for more painting and the cooking of an evening roast.

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