Just Before Dark

I managed to fit in a little bit of birding on my home from work this afternoon. I needed to stop in at Waitrose so made Southleaze Lake my first call. There were just five Teal and two Mallard on the lake. However the main interest was on the areas that have been levelled on the opposite side of the canal from Waitrose. At least forty Pied Wagtails were feeding around the pools of water with more flying in. A pre-roost gathering I would think. Alongside them were a few Linnets and Goldfinches. I just mast it to Wroughton Reservoir before the light went. Today there were eleven Little Grebes plus the usual other wildfowl. The other bird of interest today was a Tawny Owl which, from home, I heard calling at around four this morning.


2 responses to “Just Before Dark

  1. Richard Willams

    I’ll be at South Leaze on Saturday Malcolm for my WeBS survey. Nice to know some Teal are there and that it is still accessible as the situation seems to change with every visit. I’ll keep a closer eye on the field of mud as well.

    • Initially it appeared birdless on the lake but as I got closer the Teal flew up from the margins. There may well have been more at the northern end as I just stood at the south end. I still can’t work out what they are doing there as sometimes it appears to be just a playgound for the earthmovers.

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