Nightingale wood and Wroughton Reservoir

Having seen that rain was forecast this morning I didn’t bother setting my alarm. When I woke at just gone eight and saw that it was dry I got up and headed off to Nightingale Wood. I think only my second visit this year to what was, when I worked close by at Honda, a site I visited almost weekly. It started off slowly with very few birds around but picked up throughout the walk. The first of four Jays was one of the first birds seen followed by a couple of Greenfinches. On what is now a fairly overgrown Brook Meadow a single Snipe was seen. It is a great shame that there this area is not being managed anymore. It could be such a great place for birds but now is neglected and looking a bit sad. By the small pool a couple of Goldcrests were seen and a Great Spotted woodpecker was heard. I  walked along the unkempt and overgrown banks of the Brook seeing very few birds. Near to the River Cole another Woodpecker was heard and then seen. In the hedgerow across the river was a small flock of birds, this consisted of Long-tailed, Great and blue Tits and a couple of Bullfinches. The ringing area was in use so I didn’t stop. Carrying on across the field I saw two more Jays and my first Fieldfare and Redwings of the Autumn. Seven Collared Doves were perched on overhead cables and a couple of small flocks of Starlings were flying around. Back towards the car park four more Goldcrests and a couple more Bullfinches were noted. In all I noted a reasonable thirty-one species in around two hours.

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A little later in the day a short stop was made at Wroughton Reservoir. On the water three Little Grebes, and five Gadwall were noted along with Tufted Duck, Mallrd, Coot Moorhen and Mute Swan. It had just started raining and this seemed to bring down some Lapwing. These circled over the water, initially around a dozen but soon building up to forty-nine birds.

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