Windy Coate

After work this afternoon I spent an hour at Coate Water. I was hoping that something of interest had been blown in during the day. No such luck but still plenty of birds to be seen. A large number of birds were at the Broome Manor lane end of the lake, presumably the most sheltered spot. There were at least two hundred Canada Geese and plenty of Coot. Also here were Tufted Duck, Wigeon, Gadwall and Shoveler. Four species of gull were loafing around on the water, none showing much inclination to fly. Thirty or more Mute Swans were scattered around the lake. I then moved onto the Hides. From the first Hide I was watching two Grey Wagtails chasing each other around. They were moving from fence posts in the water onto the bank and then back to the posts. Suddenly a Sparrowhawk appeared from the trees and made an attempt to catch one of them. It was unsuccessful but that was the last I saw of the Wagtails. From the far hide were good numbers of Wildfowl, quite a few Grebes and twenty-one Cormorants. The same or another Sparrowhawk flew low across the water and a Little Egret was preening on the far bank.  Final sighting as I walked back to the car was a Green Woodpecker undulating across the field into the trees beyond. So no wind-blown rarities but a good but a good variety of birds seen.


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