Richmond Park, River Thames and a No Owl Night

A day in London today for me and my mum and I headed off to Richmond Park. Starting at Pembroke Lodge we were surprised to find that Tenors Unlimited were performing an outdoor session (1280x813) We then walked along to King Henry’s Mound where unfortunately the famous view to St Paul’s was not great due to the hazy conditions.IMG_5947 (1280x852)                                                Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Nuthatch and Parakeets were seen here. After soup and a roll we headed off for a walk at Pen Ponds. On the drive there we had good views of Red and Fallow Deer.

At Pen Ponds a Hobby was being harassed by Black-headed Gulls. Birds of interest on the lake were Herons, Red Crested Pochard and Egyptian Geese. one of the Herons was hunting in deep water looking quite strange with no legs showing. Plenty of Dragonflies around with Emperor, Migrant and Brown Hawker.

On the way back to mum’s house we stopped at the Town Wharf in Old Isleworth for a drink. A great pub right on the river with good beer, a few birds (Grey Wagtail being the best) and aircraft approaching Heathrow to watch. Also seen was a boat paddle floating downstream. Hope they had a spare. Possibly the best bird of the day was seen standing on the front of a moored Dutch Barge, the Cathja Haven’t been able to identify it yet.

On my way home this evening I left the M4 and took to the back roads hoping to find some Owls out enjoying the Harvest Moon. Unfortunately none seen but I did manage, Bats, a Fox, a young Badger, a Hedgehog and three Roe Deer so still worthwhile.


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