Twice in a Day!

The plan this evening was to go for the Cattle Egret(s) at Frampton on Severn. However during the afternoon, as often seems to be the way lately, my enthusiasm waned and I text Pete to say I didn’t fancy going after all. However after a bit of a guilt trip for letting him down (again) and a talking to from her indoors I changed my mind and decided to go. We left Swindon at just gone six and arrived at Frampton just under an hour later. As we approached the village it was great to see a cricket match on the green and dozens of mainly vintage motorbikes gathered outside the Bell Inn. A new location for me so I followed Pete on the walk to Court Lake. Having seen the Barnacle Geese on the grass we thought that we would be a bit early for the Egret as it has been coming into roost after half seven but it was already in position, giving great views on the middle island. Easy birding again. Also noted here were Common Tern, Jay, Sand and House Martins, Great Crested Grebe and many Mute Swans. With a bit of time to spare we headed of to the banks of the Severn at Old Passage. A  nice looking seafood restaurant is located here. Looking at the menu online I decided maybe a bit pricey for a post-birding meal We routed home via Stroud and made a quick stop at Bond’s Mill, a good site for Dipper. This, unusually was a new site for Pete but unfortunately no sign of Dipper but a family party of Grey Wagtails were good to see.

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