What’s That Bird?

On my way home from Wales this morning i noted at least thirty Little Egrets in the wet area next to the M48. Shame it isn’t possible to stop to see what else is there. After work I needed to go to John Toomers garden centre in Lydiard Millicent and from there headed off to Pit 305 at Eysey. It was fairly quiet here with the highlight being a count of over a hundred Greylag Geese. Then it was on to 306 (Round House). An initial scan found three Little Egrets and a few Lapwing. I then noticed a wader on the edge of the fist patch of water. Getting it in the scope I was a little surprised to note that it had a white head and breast. With no idea what I was looking at I grabbed the camera and took a few record shots. Then it was out with Collins to sort out what it was. Lots of white as mentioned, mottled brown / black on the wings, black and orangey beak and yellowish legs. With no idea and no luck with the book I phoned a friend. Sounds like a Ruff he said straight away. Another look and the penny dropped, of course it was a Ruff. Quite an unusual looking one as it was obviously moulting heavily but all the same it should have been an easy one. I blame tiredness as I was up at four this morning after a busy weekend. Another scan found a Greenshank which surprisingly was a year tick. With the Ruff being a Wiltshire year tick I have now hit the 150 mark with hopefully a few more to come. Plenty of insects around as well with many Dragonflies, Butterflies, Bees etc.

White Ruff

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