A Bad Start but Got So Much Better

At last a day with no work, paid or unpaid, (the garden!). The bad start was a visit to the dentist to have a tooth out. Actually other than the initial two out of five injections it wasn’t that bad. Then it was off to Pit 306 to look for the Wood Sandpiper that had been found yesterday evening. My luck was in and both the Wood Sand and a Green Sandpiper were seen within five minutes. Other than a few Lapwing, Moorhen and mallard that was it. Next stop was Fairford to watch some of the aircraft arriving for the Air tattoo. About an hour-and-a-half was spent here before I was back on the bike and heading for Pittville Park in Cheltenham for the Night Heron. Again I was in luck and after just a few minutes waiting it made an appearance. Unfortunately it didn’t come right out in the open but I wasn’t complaining. It was a slightly surreal experience sat in the sun watching a lifer in a town park with kids, dogs, students etc wandering around. Plenty of interest was shown by the local park users with several taking up the offer of a look at the Heron in scopes or binoculars. Then it was back to Fairford for another aviation fix. Plenty of birds to be seen here as well with at dozen or more species noted. Final sighting of the day was the first Dragonfly of the year to find its way into the house. It was certainly good to be out and about after an almost birdless couple of weeks. Especially with a lifer and a year tick. Tomorrow will again see me out and about in the Water Park and at Fairford.

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