Monthly Archives: May 2014

Bank Holiday Bike Ride

I was working this morning but after lunch decided to get out on the motorbike. Initial thought was to go to Slimbridge where some good birds had been reported. However I decided on a route that covered some of the fine roads that Wiltshire has to offer. During my ride I saw a couple of Chinooks flying around so headed over towards Salisbury Plain to find out what they were doing. It appeared that there is an exercise on and although I couldn’t get particularly close managed to see what was going on. As always there was birding to be done on the Plain. A pair of Stonechats, Meadow Pipit, Skylark, Corn Bunting, Whitethroat and Lapwing were all noted. Also seen was female Wheatear and a Raven. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy birding from a bike as it is in a car but still worthwhile. Also seen today were the first Swifts away from the Water Park with a few over the house at lunchtime.

The Right Decision

Halfway through my shopping at the new Waitrose this afternoon I received a text reporting that the Spoonbill was back on the scrape at Lake 74. This would be a Wiltshire tick and was a bird that I missed on at least three previous occasions. What to Do? Obviously the shopping needed to be finished and my daughter who is learning to drive was in charge of the car. Also I had no optics in the car and we were having a barbecue this evening . Decision made, finish the shopping, daughter drive us home then dump the shopping in the house and go. The text was received at 16.10 and just under an hour later I was on my way along the A419. When I arrived at Twitchers there were three others on the mound when I arrived and I got the nod that the Spoonbill was still there. A great looking bird in breeding plumage with lovely head plumes, certainly worth the drive out. Along with the regular birds others noted were Common Terns, two Shelduck, two Whimbrel and a party of thirty plus Swifts.