Back to Savernake

I got home from work at half-seven and at a quarter-past eight myself and Pete were on our way to Savernake. After seeing half-a-dozen deer (Fallow I think) cross ahead of us we stopped along the Grand Avenue. Straight away we could hear a Cuckoo calling in the distance. We decided to drive along the track towards the column to see if we could get closer. It was a good call as we managed to get right underneath it. We both got brief but good views. Then it was back to the Grand Avenue to wait for Woodcock and hopefully Nightjar. Several young Tawny Owls were heard calling and as Pete needed to send a text I wandered off to see if i could catch sight of them. This I managed with a couple of glimpses as the young owls moved around above me. When I got back to the car I was gutted to hear that Pete had seen and heard a Nightjar which had clapped as it flew across the road. We both saw several passes by Woodcock and several bats were flitting around. At a minute before Ten we both heard a Nightjar churring in the distance. We headed off along the track and along a path in through the trees. We managed to get close to the bird but unfortunately didn’t manage to see it. It then moved and we heard it churring some distance away so decided to head back to the car. Just before we reached the A4 a Tawny Owl flew low across in front of us. A good end to a successful evening.

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