A Nightingale Sang in Swindon Town

Half-past five on a Monday morning on an industrial estate in Swindon is not where you would expect to hear a Nightingale singing. I had just finished work and was heading back to my car when a burst of song stopped me in my tracks. I was fairly tired and thought maybe I hadn’t really heard a Nightingale. However a minute or so later it started again. It was located in a dense area of shrubs at the bottom of the staff car park at the Iceland Distribution Centre. I didn’t see it but it was certainly a pick-me-up. Today I have been on a First-Aid course and after it finished I headed for the Water Park for an hour or so of birding at Twitchers. Not much of interest on the scrape, just a single Curlew and a few Lapwing. Pretty well all of the ducks have gone, there were just a few Teal and Gadwall amongst the Mallards. Chiffchaff, Sedge and Willow Warblers were flitting around in the scrub and several Sand Martins were chattering away overhead. Then for the second time in two days I heard a Nightingale, this one was in the hedgerow along the edge of Pit 95. After a few minutes of patiently gazing into the depth of the hedge whilst it was singing away I managed a brief glimpse of the bird as it moved to a new perch. A brief stop at Eysey on the way home got a good number of gulls but little else. Later on in the evening I took the dog for a walk up to Folly Farm and back. In all a dozen or so singing Corn Buntings were seen along with a couple of Yellowhammers. Walking back along the field margin from the copse a grey and a Red-legged Partridge were flushed.


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