Sunny Savernake

Sunday morning and I made it to Savernake for half past eight, a little later than intended. I Parked along the Grand Avenue and started birding. Nuthatches were calling and at least three Great-Spotted Woodpeckers were drumming. There were loads of Blue and Great Tits about, also a few Coal Tits and a couple of Marsh Tits. A Red-legged Partridge flew up ahead of me on one of the paths and a Pheasant was heard but not seen. Just before ten I had to leave to meet my wife in Marlborough. After picking up a coffee in Waitrose we headed back to the forest to walk the dog. This time parking was at Eight Walks and we set off along Great Lodge Drive. Plenty of birds along here but nothing new other than a Buzzard overhead.  At Thornhill we cut off past the pond and after chatting to another birder who had struck lucky with ]Lesser Spot. we joined New Road Bottom and the Sawpit Drive back to the car. There were a few butterflies on the wing with Brimstone, Tortoiseshell, Comma and a distant White seen. The only other new bird was Song thrush of which three were heard but none were seen.


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