Tea at the Ritz or Saveloy and Chips

My daughter’s birthday present to my wife was Tea at the Ritz and my mum was invited as well. I wasn’t going as it was meant as a girlie trip out. So as they all headed off on the Tube to London I was on my way to Bushey Park with the dog. On the way I stopped to buy Saveloy and Chips which was eaten in the Bushey Park car park to the sound of Ring-necked Parakeets. Who needs the Ritz!

Having eaten I headed off into the park on the trail of the Lesser Spot. The Canal Plantation here is a good place for them but today they weren’t showing. Green and Great Spotted were seen along with plenty of Tits and Finches. On the western side there were a couple of Egyptian Geese and a good number of Fallow and Red Deer. These were given a wide berth, they aren’t keen on dogs.

Walking out across the park I flushed a few Skylarks and there were a lot of Black-headed

Gulls on the wetter patches. At the Woodland Gardens were plenty more Parakeets, mostly in pairs. Not my favourite birds but I have to admit they are very photogenic. I even decided to put one up as my feature picture for a few

days. Passing through another area of rough grass I put up seven or eight Green

Woodpeckers (in all I saw fifteen) and three Jays. A couple of Buzzards were thermalling overhead. Quite a common sight over London now. I arrived back at the Canal Plantation for another scan,  but again with no sign. Final act was to find some clean water to chuck the dog in as he was covered in mud. This task accomplished, it was off to the car and back to my mums house.

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The sun put in a good appearance and with planes and helicopters to watch as well as the birds and deer it was a good afternoon out. At my mums I indulged in a bit of plane spotting to pass time before the ladies returned.

After sampling the very nice birthday cake from the Ritz it was load the car forIMG_3646 (1280x996) the drive home. Unfortunately due to lorry fires and accidents this took just over two and a half hours, about double the usual time. Not so much fun.


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