Absent Goosanders

I wasn’t happy with my probable sighting of the Red-breasted Merganser on Sunday and as it was seen yesterday decided on another trip out to the Water Park. Straight to Lake 30 where I was pleased to see five Smew, two of which were males. There were quite active, displaying and chasing each other around. I carried on checking other birds and eventually found the Merganser, fast asleep in amongst some Tufted Duck. Eventually it woke up allowing me a decent view. Less than a minute later it was back to sleep and that was how it stayed. I was disappointed that there weren’t any Goosanders on the lake as it would have been nice to see three species of Sawbill together. I moved into Gloucestershire to Lake 44 where there were six Goosanders and very little else. Back in Wiltshire I stopped for a quick scan of Lake 32 which is part of Keynes Country Park. Mainly Coot here but a nice bonus was a Mediterranean Gull which flew in and landed on the water. Then it was over to Twitchers where there were the usual large number of Wigeon. Just a handful of Teal found, all asleep on the bank and none looking anything like a Green-winged. Six Pintail, two Goldeneye and a few Lapwing were the other notables. In a field just along the road was a flock of fifty-four Greylag Geese.


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