A Walk on the Common and an Owl Drive

A working at home and time with the family day today but still managed some time for birds. While watching another awful performance of the England cricketers in the (thank goodness) final match of the Australian tour I kept an eye on the, for a change busy front garden. At its peak there were three Blackbirds, a number of Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tits, Robin, Dunnock, Greenfinch and at least twenty House Sparrows. In the afternoon we went to Marlborough. A walk on the Common and the edge of Rough Down bagged, four Red Kite, two Buzzard, Kestrel, twenty Lapwing and a few Red-legged Partridge. Taking advantage of another drive there this evening I carried on through Savernake and then through the Lanes to Ramsbury and Aldbourne on my first Owl Drive for quite a while. It was moderately successful with a so-so view in the Forest of a Tawny Owl as it flew away from the lights amongst the trees, and a good view of a Barn Owl as it flew across the road ahead of the car in the Aldbourne area.


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