Just Local Birds

A few chores to be done today so it mainly birding from a moving car. The flock of Lapwings at Hodson had been joined by a hundred plus Golden Plover, I onlyIMG_3061 (1280x926) saw them as they all flew up as I was passing. A little later when I drove by again they were all but invisible, blending into the bare ploughed field they were standing in. What a life they have. I managed to sneak over to Coate for a quick visit to the second hide. With the water level rising rapidly it is now getting to the point where you need good boots or wellies to access the boardwalk.

The Great White Egret wasn’t in either of its usual areas but I found it over in the far north-east corner of the lake. All that could be seen was the head and neck over the top of the reeds. Eight male and a single redhead Goosander were here along with the usual mix of ducks. A Little Grebe swam across in front of theIMG_3065 (1280x919) hide as did a male Pochard. On the way back to the car the fluting call of a Bullfinch was heard. I managed to pick out a female moving along the back of the hedgerow. A few Redwing were feeding in the field next to the track along with some Jackdaws.

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