So another year over and for me it has been a bit of a strange one. Certainly this time a year ago I had no idea that I would be leaving Honda and returning to my driving roots. I certainly haven’t had the amount of “me” time I was expecting. From a birding point of view it has been a fairly good year. Well down on overall totals compared to 2012 but no complaints with eight life / UK ticks and I think two new birds for Wiltshire. I missed a few of the commoner birds as I didn’t manage to get to the right place at the right time. Bird of the year had to be the Roller closely followed by Wryneck. Most frustrating sighting of the year was what could well have been a Greenish Warbler near to Folly Farm and the biggest miss was the Spoonbill at the Water Park that went five minutes before I arrived. Away from the more unusual birds there were the regular Ring Ouzel hunts and a couple of evenings in Savernake on the trail of Nightjar. The one thing I haven’t done so much of was my after dark Owl drives. Not conducive with starting work before five in the morning.


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