Wild Swan Chase

As I was working yesterday I wasn’t able to go for the Bewick’s Swans at the Water Park so had decided to get out there early this morning. I managed to get to Eysey at not long gone eight o’clock to find the swans were not there. All there was on the pit were over two hundred Mallard and a dozen Lapwing on the adjacent flooded field. Guessing that the swans were probably feeding out in the fields i decided to have a little drive around. Round House had two Green Sandpipers and a Little Egret, Whelford Pools a Green Sandpiper and two Bullfinch, Lake 126 a calling Water Rail and the meadows at Lechlade, eight Mute Swans and around two hundred and sixty Canada Geese. So I headed home with no Bewick’s but having had a pleasant drive around. Later in the morning, almost inevitably I received a text from Pete saying that the swans were now at Eysey. At the time I was preparing a Boeuf Bourguignon so I put it in the oven three-quarters ready, got my bike gear on and headed out again. Just over twenty minutes from receiving the text I was back at Eysey and watching the five Bewicks, four adults and a juvenile. A UK and Wilts year tick. Also seen were a Peregrine and a Little Egret. Later on a Whooper Swan was found at Lake 132, good to have three  (four if the Black Swan is still around) Swan species in the park at the same time.Four of the five Bewick's swans

Four of the five Bewick’s Swans

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