A Local Morning

With only a couple of hours spare this morning I went to Nightingale Wood for a walk. It was pretty quiet to start with then a flock of five Bullfinch flew over. A Heron flew up from Brook Meadow as I approached and a Snipe was flushed from the path along the Brook. There were a few small birds in the trees along the River Cole including a Great Spotted Woodpecker that was preening at the top of the largest tree. A few more birds around the pond / scrape area including a small flock of Redwing. Also here were some more Bullfinches, a group of four and a few singles. I probably saw a dozen or more different birds which was nice. Heading back across the field I found a flock of around fifteen Collared Doves and some more Redwing. Six Roe Deer shot out in front of me and a single Muntjac was also seen. Then it was back to the car and off to do some shopping. On the way home later on I had a quick look in at the Broome Manor end of Coate. A few birds on the water including around fifteen Wigeon. Final stop was Wroughton Reservoir which was quiet with only five Little Grebes and three Moorhens on the water. Unusually there were no Mallards or Coots to be seen.

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