500th Post

So after twenty-two months I have managed to reach the milestone of 500 Posts on the blog. I certainly did not expect for it to carry on for this amount of time so a big thank you to everyone who has followed my ramblings over all these months. To celebrate reaching this figure I should have headed off for a mega-bird. Cape May Warbler on Shetland maybe. More practically the Semi-palmated Plover in Hampshire. In actual fact I headed for Twitchers hoping that yesterdays Black-tailed Godwit would 1) still be around and 2) be visible from Twitchers (it wasn’t). Having arranged to meet Pete I arrived at just gone half-twelve. A quick scan revealed two Shovelers on the scrape and a single Lapwing on the bank. Not a great start. There were loads of birds on the water and a check of these gave good numbers of Wigeon and Coot, a few Great-crested Grebes and a couple of Mallards. Pete had now arrived and joined in with the scanning. First one and then three Green Sandpipers were found on the scrape and a Kestrel was hunting in the same area. Next was an unexpected Clouded Yellow which was blown past us by the wind. Also a late Swallow was picked out in the distance. Green Woodpecker was heard and a small flock of Starlings flew over. What at first we thought was a Common Gull turned out to be a Black-headed and a count of the Cormorants came to thirty-four. Further scanning of the scrape added Teal to the list and upped the Green Sandpiper count to six. A Stonechat was also found. Then it was time to head off, a couple more stops were made on the way home. Lake 301 had an impressive number of LBB Gulls roosting, also some Lapwings.IMG_2510 (1024x767)                                                                                   Eysey was quiet again other than around a hundred and twenty Mallard. Other birds seen here were a dozen Pied Wagtails, and a couple each of Mute Swan, Meadow Pipit and Linnet. A Kestrel decided it didn’t want its picture taken.IMG_2513 (1024x768)  Final sighting of the day was a Green Woodpecker in Liden.


2 responses to “500th Post

  1. Richard Williams

    Thanks for the posts Malcolm which are always well written, personable and informative. I hope you can keep them up. It probably feels like writing to yourself sometimes but be assured that there are plenty of us out here who are reading and appreciate them.
    I was at Twitchers myself today about an hour before you. I didn’t stay long as I had things to do but a trip to Cotswold Camping was an excuse to pop by. Only species I’d add to your lengthier list was 3 Redwings across the lane eating the berries.

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Richard,

      As always thank you for your kind words. It is always nice to hear that my efforts are appreciated.
      It can be difficult to make the same old thing have some level of interest.
      We had an enjoyable hour and a half at Twitchers. Staying in one place is something I should do more often. It can be more productive and enjoyable than charging around all over.

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