Wheatear at Last

This afternoon I took the dog for a walk at Liddington Hill. With the strong windIMG_2431 (1024x768) and after the wet morning I was expecting much on the bird front. Initially there were, other than two each of Crow and Magpie no birds at all. Then two Buzzards started to soar over the Hill and four Ravens appeared over the ridge. A scan of the hillside found five Starlings. A Yellowhammer was heard. It was found sharing a Hawthorn with my first Fieldfare of the autumn. Next a Kestrel appeared and as I was watching it hunting a female Peregrine shot through. The Kestrel then shot off after the Peregrine and they proceeded to have an aerial battle which amazingly was then joined by a Raven. This carried on for a minute or two before the participants all drifted off. I made another scan of the grass, concentrating on an area around a badger sett, an area which is favoured by Wheatear. To my surprise, considering the lack of Wheatear this year I found two birds which were flitting around the sett. I managed a couple of pictures which considering the wind and the fact that the dog was trying to get down into the badger sett came out okay.

Checking back on my notes from last year, it was also on the 16th that I saw the first autumn Fieldfare on Liddington. There was also the first Ring Ouzel as well.


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