Back on the Hill

Today it was a late morning walk around Liddington Hill. I had intended going earlier but as it was so murky I couldn’t even see the hill from home, decided to leave it until later. On opening the car door I could hear a couple of Chiffchaffs and actually managed to see one of them. As I started to walk along the hedgerow a lone Swallow flew over. Strangely it was flying strongly in a northerly direction. Four Skylarks came up from the field as I walked past and there was a flock of at least a couple of hundred gulls sitting in the middle of the same field. The majority were Herring along with a few each of LBB and BH. A single Yellowhammer was next and three Mistle Thrushes flew over and landed on the grass on the hillside. Reaching the gate at the far end of the field I started to head back but this time along the side of the ridge. A few Meadow Pipits were put up and four more Swallows went past, this time heading south. The dog flushed a Hare which shot off up the hill. This then put up five Mistle Thrushes which flew up over the ridge. I managed to see them again when I reached the top. Also at the top was a mixed flock of Meadow Pipits and Yellowhammers. Maybe a dozen of each and a Charm of around fifty Goldfinches that were feeding on thistle seeds. A Sparrowhawk was the only raptor seen and a Song Thrush the final sighting. Later on in the garden a lone Red Admiral was seen braving the wind and drizzle.


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