Cut Short at Coate

Plan One today was a trip to In Focus at Slimbridge as I need to get a new pair of binoculars. However as it has been pretty quiet there this week I switched to Plan Two. This was to go to Ace Optics and LCE in Bath and then onto Chew Valley Lake for some birding. A couple of phone calls were made and neither had stock of the binoculars I wanted to look at. As I am hoping to go to Norfolk next week I decided that I would go to Cley Spy instead as they do have stock. So what to do today? A couple of hours at Coate Water was decided on. It appeared fairly quiet to start but when I got to the Broome Manor end of the lake there was a fair amount to be seen. A flock of around sixty Wigeon was unexpected and there were five Little Grebes at the margins. Three Chiffchaffs had been heard. A few

Herons were flying around and there were quite a lot of gulls, mainly Black-headed. The leisurely walk was cut short when I got a call reporting fifteen Glossy Ibis at the Water Park. So it was a brisk walk back to the car and a fast drive to Kent End to find, as expected, no Ibises. A couple of other locals, Bob and Neil had arrived so we decided to have a little hunt around. After drawing blanks at 74, 97 and 301 we were joined by Chris who was the one who had seen the flock. He informed us that they had flown soon after he arrived at Kent End after they were chased around by a Swan. I headed off to check out Eysey and Round House whilst the others returned to 74. End result birds not re-found. The problem with CWP is that there are many places that birds can go where they cannot be seen. Hopefully they will reappear tomorrow. If i can get up early enough I shall spend a couple of hours looking first thing. Roving autumn flocks of Glossy Ibis have become an annual event over the last three or four years. Can’t be a bad thing.


7 responses to “Cut Short at Coate

  1. You should have gone to Chew Malc…big skua passage today apparently!

    • I saw that on their website. Seems like most of them were morning flyovers so I wouldn’t have seen them anyway.
      I have only been there once as a destination, usually it is a quick visit on the way back from the Somerset Levels.

  2. Malcolm, Just updated the CWP site. Jon Mercer saw a flock of probable ibis flying north over the Cricklade to Purton road towards CWP at about 11.00. If they have flown up from the south coast they may have put down for a day or 2.(I hope)

    • Hi Bob,

      I can’t find probable ibis in the collins, they must be really rare!
      Will I be seeing you out there at first light?

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