Liddington and Coate

While driving home from town this morning I had a good but brief view of a Hobby in hot pursuit of what I think was a Swallow. Later on it was off with the dog to Liddington Hill. As usual I parked at Folly Farm and then just walked theIMG_1933 (1024x766) field margins. The regular Goldfinches were at the copse along with twenty or so Linnets and a single Chiffchaff. A Red Kite was being mobbed by eleven Crows but appeared not to be particularly bothered by them. Two Ravens were seen again, they appear to have taken up residence as this is the third time I have seen them in a week. Fair numbers of Swallows and House Martins were passing over, as were a couple of low-flying Chinooks which put up every Wood Pigeon aroundIMG_1939 (1024x755) as they flew over. One Tortoiseshell and a few Whites were the only butterflies seen and I was honoured to have a Red-legged Shield Bug (i think) land on me. ItIMG_1946 (1024x732) wouldn’t keep still for a picture and soon flew off again. Back at home there were plenty of butterflies on the Buddleia. At least a dozen Tortoieshell, a few Whites and a single Comma. In the evening I headed over to Coate for the last hour of daylight. Highlights here were thirty-five Gadwall, two Little Grebe and three Kingfisher sightings. A mixed flock of about two hundred gulls built up and then at just gone seven they all flew off towards the Water Park. House Martins and Swallows were feeding over the fields, there seem to still be good numbers of these passing through.


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