A Trip to London

Two o’clock saw me heading up the M4 for a visit to my Mums. I treated myself to a half hour stop at Staines Reservoir. As at Farmoor last week there was hardly any wind so the water was flat and calm. It made it easier to search for the birds but not much was to be found. A couple of Black-necked Grebes were  a nice find a Common Sandpiper was seen flying across the water. As usual there were plenty of Pied Wagtails and flocks of Linnets and Starlings were flying around. Unfortunately, Little Gull the bird I was hoping to see were not around having been seen here every day this week. The only good thing was that there was no report of them on the sightings pages this evening.  A further stop was made at the London Apprentice Pub by the Thames at Isleworth. Always nice to birdwatch with a good pint in the hand. Amongst the large numbers of corvids, Feral Pigeons and gulls were a Little Egret and a mandarin coming out of moult. Several Cormorants flew along the river and as always, Parakeets were about in good numbers.

6 responses to “A Trip to London

  1. Trevor Clayson

    Hi Malcolm

    Regarding Parakeets, we were at the London Wetland Centre for the first time last Sunday hoping to see the reported Garganey & Ruddy Duck amongst others. Failed with the Garganey but saw our first ever Parakeets. Noisy things aren’t they.


    Trevor & Sue

    • Hi Trevor & Sue,

      They certainly are and it isn’t a particularly nice call sound either.
      I see the Garganey is still there but being a juvenile not so easy to identify.
      What did you think of the LWC? I like the fact that you can see great birds with the London skyline in the background.


      • Trevor Clayson

        Hi Malcolm

        We weren’t sure what to expect as we were not familiar with the Barnes area. Walking across Hammersmith Bridge ( we went by train and then the bus to Hammersmith ) we were struck by the contrast between the trees on the far bank and the city behind us. The London skyline made a splendid and unusual backdrop and the music from the Notting Hill Carnival sound systems across the river gave a surreal touch. The local birders were helpful and friendly and we will certainly go again.


        Trevor & Sue

      • It is a very nice area around there. Lovely houses. I have always found the locals friendly and as you said the contrasts are interesting.

  2. Richard Williams

    HI Malcolm
    I always assumed these reservoirs were private but, seeing I am making increasing numbers of trips to our head office in Staines I must stop by. Once again man-in-suit-with binoculars!! Wraysbury looks a good spot too.
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Richard,
      Staines is the only one with general access. It has a Causeway right across. The others are permit only. Wraysbury area is good if you can find places to view from. It used to be the best place for Smew. Staines Moor is also good but a bit of a walk to get to it.

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