Success in Savernake,

As it had turned into a pleasant evening  I decided on a drive down to Savernake for another attempt at seeing Nightjar. I arrived at half past nine and chose a parking place that had a relatively good open view. Conditions were all but perfect, reasonably warm, clear skies and next to no wind. As it was still quite light I settled down for what I expected would be a bit of a wait before anything was heard. However within a minute or so the squeaking and grunting of a roding Woodcock was heard. This one wasn’t seen but a couple of minutes later another was heard and then seen. This was the first of half-a-dozen passes by Woodcock. Then, taking me completely by surprise a Nightjar flew low overhead. Success and it was only twenty to ten. Churring was then heard so I wandered along towards the sound. I was able to pick out the tree the sound was coming from but couldn’t see the bird. After a minute or so it flew from the back of the tree, wing clapping and calling as it went. I headed back to the car and managed to find the bird again, churring at the top of another tree. I watched it for a couple of minutes as it churred away and then it flew, wing clapping again, closely followed by a second bird. Only one bird was heard to churr so this may well be a pair. A few Tawny Owls were calling, bats were flying around and Roe and Fallow Deer were seen as was a single Hare. All in all a great evening.


2 responses to “Success in Savernake,

  1. Nice one, Malcolm. Makes up for the other week.

    • It certainly did although I enjoyed that visit as well, best views I have had since Snelsmore many years ago.

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