The Usual Mix.

I didn’t wake up until nine this morning and it was just before twelve before I managed to get out for a walk. I headed up to Folly Farm, the Ridgeway and Liddington Hill. Weatherwise it was quite dull with a fairly brisk wind, one of those days when it is hard to decide what to wear. Plenty of House Sparrows around Bush farm and at least eight Corn Buntings along the road towards the Hill. Skylark, Goldfinch and Yellowhammers were also seen along here. It was then more of the same plus, Linnet, Chaffinch and Great Tit. A lovely coloured Aquilega is growing here, Later in the year I hope to remember to collect some seeds for home. An impressively large bull was in amongst the cows and calves along the side of Liddington Hill. Just off of the Ridgeway is a new area of Woodland with a picnic table. This was my lunch stop where I had my sarnies to the sound of Skylark and Whitethroat. Also nice to see a Tiger Moth fly over, amazing to think they are over seventy years old. Nothing much at all along the Ridgeway to the Hill other than a few white butterflies. From the trig point there were a couple of Meadow Pipits, another Corn Bunting and some Swifts over. I am pleased that my paint job is lasting well. The sun came out here and I was hoping for some more butterflies. However on a slow circuit of the outer rampart of the castle none were seen. Then it was the walk back home with just a few LBB Gulls and some House Martins added to the list. A nice sighting on the evening dog walk was of five juvenile Starlings, hopefully this will be a good year for them.

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4 responses to “The Usual Mix.

  1. Caroline Street

    Hi Malcolm,
    I think you might be right about the starlings. I’ve got a pair of very attentive parents with EIGHT rowdy youngsters! It’s great entertainment to see them all try and cram into my neighbour’s birdbath at the same time! It’s the biggest family by far that I’ve had in the garden in over 30 years.
    Nice set of pictures by the way.
    Caroline Street

    • It was nice to see them, they were all flitting around on the tops of bushes. Thanks for the comment on the pictures. As I didn’t have any decent bird pics so I decided to put some general stuff in for a change.

  2. Richard Williams

    Hi Malcolm
    Nice pictures and Yes I am always reminded of your sterling work with the trig point painting whenever I get to the top of Liddington Hill. It was still very white when I was last there a few weeks ago and even shows well from the hide at Coate!!

    • Thanks regarding the pics. The trig point shows well from my house as well which is nice. The only marks on it so far are from muddy boots when people climb onto it.

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