Not Much Time For Birds Again

A trip down to the Winchester area today, not for birds but with my Son and a couple of his mates who were taking part in a Tough Mudder Challenge The event was being staged on the Mattingley Estate, an area that usually would not be accessible to the public. On a normal day there would probably be a good amount of birds to see, today, with several thousand adrenaline junkies on site, just a few Wood Pigeons and corvids.

On the way home I managed a brief stop at the Wide Water at Chilton Foliat.  As expected there wasn’t much to see, a few Mallards and Coot, two each of Little Grebe and Tufted Duck and single Mute Swan and Gadwall. A Great Spot was calling from the wood and some Swallows were overhead. Later on in the evening I went out for my second Woodcock Survey. As on the previous visit none were heard or seen. Highlight was a Tawny Owl that put in a fleeting appearance, settling on a branch for just a few seconds before flying off again. As always Song Thrushes were singing, a few Bats and a single Roe Deer were seen.


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