Expect the Unexpected

I am in London for a few days as my Mum was having an eye operation today. Leaving the house at a little past seven we were greeted by flyovers from three Canada Geese and thirteen Parakeets. When my Mum went off for her operation I headed off to Staines Reservoir which was conveniently just a five minute drive away. Unfortunately not much of interest, with a single Commic Tern amongst the hundreds of Black-headed Gulls. A couple of Shelduck were on the bank. Otherwise it was just the usual Tufted Ducks, Great-crested Grebes and Coots. Back at Mums there were plenty more Parakeets around and a couple of Magpies coming in and out of the garden. I just happened to turn and look out at the patio and was amazed to see a female Redstart just outside the glass doors. As I moved it flew down the garden, luckily it perched on a branch for a few seconds giving me a chance of a good look in the binoculars. A most unexpected sighting that in some way made up for missing the Osprey that flew low over east Swindon this morning.


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