Amazing find in Wiltshire

There is great excitement amongst Twitchers in Wiltshire today after a rare bird was found nesting at the Honda factory in Swindon.  The discovery of the first breeding record for Britain of a Lesser-Spotted Redundancy Pigeon was made today whilst a Honda employee was clearing his desk prior to leaving the company. The good news is that the bird did not appear to be bothered by the disturbance and is still happily sat on its nest. The bad news is that the nest is in an area that the company will not allow birdwatchers to access. Fortunately a picture has been  taken and I have been given permission to reproduce it here.P1170459 (1024x750)


3 responses to “Amazing find in Wiltshire

  1. I fear the population of this species may be on the increase ;o/

  2. Didn’t get the gen to Grapevine the Redundancy Bird, but access into Honda to twitch may of been difficult with on site security. In whatever comes your way, I wish you good fortune and good luck. More time to find the mega on Chisledon Floodwater…….

    • It is still on the nest in the study at my house. Quite happy to put it on view if there is enough interest.

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