Calm on the Hill

Another after work walk from Folly Farm to Liddington Hill. Three Buzzards were stood in the newly turned field at the top of the track. All had quite different plumage with one having an almost white head. Along the track to and at the small copse were numerous Yellowhammers, Linnets and Chaffinches along with a handful of Corn Buntings. Also a couple of possible Reed Buntings but I wasn’t positive of the id. A Skylark was singing but could not be seen. I climbed up to the Castle and walked across the central rough grass. Numerous Meadow Pipits were flying up as I passed, at least sixty and probably quite a few more. New migrants heading north I presume. It was very pleasant at the Trig point as there was absolutely flat calm. On the walk back a Song Thrush was singing as were Yellowhammers and Dunnock. Not much else seen other than a few gulls passing overhead. Checking the WOS sightings this evening I noted that four Reed Buntings had been seen along with a Firecrest.


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