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Regarding the pictures I put on the blog. I make no apologies for the appalling quality of some of them. Some of them are okay and some are not so good. I don’t in any way profess to be a photographer. Basically I am a birdwatcher of sorts who carries a bridge type digital camera around rather than a photographer who happens to own a pair of binoculars. Today for instance I had been watching the Grebe for about ten minutes before I even got the camera out of my rucksack. Hopefully though, at least in a few cases they add something to the words that I put together.

6 responses to “My photos

  1. Definitely! I profess to being the other way round these days – although I don’t even do so much birding now as insect watching…difficult to look down and up at the same time ;o)

    • It must be birds in December and January when there are not many bugs about.
      I was next to a photographer today who must have taken at least 500 pictures. It was like standing by a machine gun!?

      • …called the Law of Averages photography – take enough shots and one of them is bound to be a corker ;o) You’re right, I do look more at birds during the Winter – but even now there are plenty of insects about if you know where to look [under bark and fallen logs for example and at early flowering plants] I’ve had Honey Bees visiting my winter flowering Honeysuckle for several days now; also saw my first butterflies of the year [2 Small Tortoiseshells] on Friday. They were at Markham Banks where I was visiting Clouts Wood to photograph the scarce Green Hellebore colony there which is in full flower at the moment….
        Visited my daughter at her new flat in Surbiton this weekend. Nothing too exciting in the near vicinity except a Jay and a few Magpies. Apparently they get the dreaded Parakeets regularly – but none while we were there. Going up the M4 early afternoon yesterday we saw 7 Red Kites between Membury and Reading junction 10 where one was flying low over houses – a good garden tick for someone…

      • Knowing where to look is the most important thing. Red Kites I can watch all day but don’t get me started on Parakeets.

  2. Caroline Street

    Re photography Malcolm, I’m the same.I carry a small camera to take bird photos either to nail an id, as proof (!) or just as a memory of a great day out. If a photo turns out to be better than normal then all to the good. The only prob is that they don’t have the quality to enlarge much. I have taken some beauties ( including, Steve, one of a red soldier beetle on a yellow flag iris!) which I would have loved to blow up and display but even up to just A4 size the pixillations were showing. I think you have to concentrate on one thing and the birding is more important to me too.

    • I often think it would be nice to have a better camera but if you are not careful it can start to snowball and you find that you have spent a fortune and have twice as much stuff to carry around.As you say concentrate on one or the other.

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