Seventeen Pounds, a Fox and Six Rabbits

That was the sum total of my shopping trip and Owl drive this evening. Having run out of my favourite porridge a trip to Waitrose was needed. Taking advantage of a fairly nice evening I decided to take a circtuotus route home hoping for an Owl or two (or more). Starting off along the Grand Avenue I spent more time looking for potholes than I did for Owls, it is definitely better with two people in the car. With nothing seen in Savernake I drove along to St Katherines, here I saw the first of half-a dozen rabbits. During a stop for coffee and cake by the church I heard a distant Tawny Owl calling.  Then it was back to the A4 and down through Stitchcombe were I saw the Fox. Along to Axford and then to Aldbourne and Foxhill  before arriving home in Chiseldon. Disappointing and a bit worrying not to see a Barn Owl. They must have fared badly with the Snow last week.


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