So there are still birds in Wiltshire!

With being back at work, travelling to and from in the dark and working in an area with no windows the closest I have got to a bird since Monday is hearing a Song Thrush singing  in the car park this morning. So it was good to get off for a walk after finishing at lunchtime today. A pretty good start to my 2013 Wilts List with the Great White Egret still around. Most of the usual suspects were seen from the far hide with a Water Rail seen, I waited until December for one last year. Just as I was starting to eat my lunch two Kingfishers flew across the lake. I was eating a Salmon sandwich at the time. Did they smell it I wonder? A couple of Wigeon were a good bonus as was a flock of at least 105 Lapwing (counted in a photograph). A look on the flood water at Chiseldon added a dozen Pied Wagtails and a handful of Redwing. Finally the local Little Owl was out in it’s usual tree.


4 responses to “So there are still birds in Wiltshire!

  1. Richard Williams

    I can’t raise your dozen, Malcolm, but an exciting moment for me today was to have two pied wagtails and a grey wagtail in the garden at the same time: the grey being a garden first.


  2. I think we saw you at Coates today! Your on my list now. Arthur (the Great Dane) and wife (of the Hoopoe fame) were gutted not to be recognized!

    • Hi Richard,
      Yes you did see and speak to me at Coate. Really strange because as you walked away something about the dog rang a bell. It was all out of context though so it didn’t click. Please pass on my apologies to your Wife and Arthur.
      I hope you had good views of the Egret.

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