Coate Water Hides

I would like to say a big thank you to Tony and Graham for the effort they have put in at both hides by putting up and filling the feeders. The opportunities for viewing and photographing some very good birds have certainly increased due to their efforts.  If anyone would like to donate seed or fat balls it would be appreciated by all. Unfortunately it is not all good news as yesterday somebody stole a feeder from in front of the first hide. Hopefully an isolated incident.


5 responses to “Coate Water Hides

  1. Richard Williams

    Hi Malcolm
    May I use your blog to ask advice on how one gets into the Coate Water hides. Is a permit still required, and, if so, how do I go about getting one?
    A good murmuration over the Oasis this evening: not quite the scale of 2-3 years ago at Barnfield but, nonetheless, a spectacular show.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Richard,
      Yes a permit is required as is a key as both hides are kept locked. I can’t remember the exact prices but I think the annual one is around fifteen pounds (April to March) and the day permits are a couple of pounds plus a deposit for the key. These can be obtained from the hut by the pitch and putt course.
      Hopefully the Starlings will stay around for a while so I can get over to see them.

  2. I would second your comment about Graham and Tony and the feeders, Malcolm. Together and individually they have done an awful lot for the wildlife of Coate Water, and have spread their enthusiasm to many others. Included in that list is the U3A Birders group whom they greatly helped during its first year of existence.

    • I hope I don’t get a lot of comments like yours Felicity. It wouldn’t do for them to get big-headed would it!

  3. You do have a point there, Malcolm!

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