A couple of milestones today, a year record (for me) of 160 species in Wiltshire and my 300th post. And even better, it was a flock of Waxwings that took me to the new record. After finishing work at lunchtime I decided on spending some time driving around Abbey Meads looking for Waxwing. Basically, I started at the top end of Thamesdown Drive, turned off at each individual estate and just drove around. There were plenty of birds around with many House Sparrows, Blackbirds and Tits seen. Also Wood Pigeon, Corvids, gulls and a single Song Thrush. The odd Starling was also seen which gave me something to double-check on. It was quite interesting as I have not ever driven around this area before. There is certainly a mix of housing types. I had been driving around for about an hour when I turned into Oakhurst Drive. I caught a glimpse of a small flock of birds as they disappeared over some rooftops, they certainly looked promising so I headed after them. I entered another maze of small roads and then saw a group of birds perched on a couple of aerials. A quick look with the binoculars confirmed Waxwings. Driving on, I got fairly close and saw that there were four or five separate flocks on the aerials and roofs. I took a few pictures and estimated that there were around seventy birds in total. After a quick phone call to put out the news I carried on watching, unfortunately they all flew and despite another twenty minutes or so of driving around I was unable to relocate them. However a flock of twenty-seven was  found a bit later by Nigel. When I got home I downloaded my (fairly poor) photos and from looking at these counted a total of at least eighty-nine birds. A fair reward for a lot of driving around. I actually did almost eight miles.


8 responses to “‘WILTSHIRE 160’ AND MY 300th POST

  1. Well done on finding some Malc! Still haven’t seen any yet – despite having had a flock visit a tree within spitting distance….

    • Hopefully there will be a few more around this weekend. Not so many berries for them though. I see there was a flock at Kembrey Park today.

  2. Malcolm. Well done for persisting. It shows they are out there if you look. Tried Calne today before picking up the grandchildren from school. Nothing, despite the first sighting in Calne being over their school and the second over my son-in-laws work.

    • Hi Bob, The Wiltshire birds all seem very flighty unlike Oxford and Cheltenham were they stayed in one area.

  3. Good work Malcolm, hope to catch up with them at the weekend…..

  4. Jenny, Barry Elvin

    Congratulations, Malc! We’re enjoying your letters. We saw waxwings in Westbury this week – our first, and such a treat. They came very close so we could see just how gorgeous they are.

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