Coate, lunch at Liden and Buscot

I started the morning with a quick drive around Liden with no sign of the Waxwings. Then it was off for a walk at Coate Water. The floodwater, unsurprisingly was frozen, with just a solitary Black-headed Gull stood in the middle. I flushed seven Snipe from the wet grass by the path and a couple of Bullfinch were in the hedgerow. From the hides a total of twenty Goosander were counted. There were plenty of other wildfowl with Gadwall, Teal, Tufted, Pochard and Shoveler all in varying numbers. Best of all was a male Goldeneye, not a common bird here. Two Kingfishers flew across the lake and at least three Water Rail were heard but as usual not seen. Five Goldcrests were flitting around in a single tree and final bird seen was a Nuthatch. After some time at home I decided to go out for lunch, this consisted of a sandwich, a pasty and a cup-a-soup eaten, parked near to the so say Waxwing tree in Liden, suffice to say none were seen in the hour I was there. There was plenty of bird interest though with a constant flow of Blackbirds, Song Thrushes, Redwing and Fieldfare coming in for the berries. Back home again for a while before heading off to Buscot to see if there were any Short-eared Owls around this year. None were seen but again plenty to see with three Buzzards, plenty of Fieldfare, eight flyby Snipe, Roe Deer and Hares all seen. all in all a good day with some nice birds seen, just the frustration of not catching up with the Waxwings.


5 responses to “Coate, lunch at Liden and Buscot

  1. I think that tree was watched for most of the day by a succession of birders – but no show. Perhaps this cold snap has moved them on…?

    • There were some in Abbeymeads today so maybe they have gone there. I am sure there will be loads around in the week when I am at work.

      • If they get the forecast snow ‘up-north’ next week then that may push the larger flocks down here…

  2. Isn’t it a strange time, Sally keeps wondering why I slow down by any tree that has at least one berry or apples.

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