Work and Birds

They certainly don’t go together at this time of year, not at the sort of place I work anyway. The main problem with working a Honda is the inflexibility, even away from the production line you can’t just go in late or have an extra long lunch break. So it really is Friday afternoon and weekends only at this time of year, along with all the other things that need to be done in the daylight. Predictably, the first local Waxwings turn up in the early part of the week. Half-day holiday or wait until Friday? Well, short notice holiday isn’t always easy either so it may have to be Friday. Still I am fairly certain that if these ones don’t hang around there will be more.

4 responses to “Work and Birds

  1. Hi Malc. There were 25 – 30 Waxwings reported from Ullswater Close, Liden this morning [about 5 mins walk from my house! By the time I got the grapevine message and got there it was 1pm…and no sign of the flock :o( I searched all over Liden in case they were still roaming in the area but no sign – not many berried trees for them anyway. Most with fruit still on were hawthorn which they tend to avoid or eat as a last resort. All the Rowan and Guelder Rose have long ago been snaffled by the thrushes and blackbirds. I think it’s just pot luck if they happen to land near a birders abode [as in the case today!]. Needles and haystacks comes to mind…;o)

    • Hi Steve,
      If the text had come a few minutes earlier I would have tried for them in my 30 minute lunch break. I know I can make Liden and back in that time. I didn’t realise that was where you lived, I thought you were in West Swindon.

  2. I had to go to Greenbridge shopping. Got home and then found the entry on Bird Forum having been within 400 yards of this Close at the right time. By the time I got hold of Nigel it was an hour or so later.

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