Checking out the floods

I had no real idea of where to go this afternoon but ended up heading out towards the water park. Noticing the flooded fields around Cricklade I decided to check some of them out. It was mainly gulls, gulls and more gulls. With the majority being Lesser Black-backed, Herring and Black-headed. A few Common were scattered amongst them and in one group I picked out a Great Black-backed. Moving on to Twitchers a good scan of lake 74 gave plenty of Wigeon, Shoveler and Teal plus a few Tufted and four Goldeneye. Also plenty of Cormorants, a few Herons and a single Little Egret. Great Spotted Woodpecker and Bullfinch were also seen. Moving along to Waterhay a flock of twenty-nine Lapwing were flying around as were some large groups of Fieldfare, Redwing and Starlings . Final bird seen here was a Little Grebe.


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