I saw the moon…

…which after three days of dank depressing weather of which the highlight was the fog and mist lifting to reveal low cloud and drizzle was a nice sight. The hoped for Owl on my evening dog walk did not oblige and no migrants were heard. So roll on the weekend for the chance of some birds.

2 responses to “I saw the moon…

  1. Hi Malc,
    I got home from work at just after midnight and while walking from the car to the front door was accompanied by a constant ‘seeeping’ of Redwings flying over low under the cloud base. Must have been hundreds. If only there was such a thing as hand held radar…..

    • Hi Steve,

      I was surprised I didn’t hear any as there seem to be so many around at the moment. I did hear some this morning.
      Paul Bowerman from Severside Birds uses Night Vision equipment. Don;t think that would have worked around here last night. I recently read something about migration tracking with radar in the Netherlands, can’t remember where I saw it though.


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