A little bit of birding

I managed to fit a bit of birding into a busy day. After a drive to Marlborough to go to the butchers and the recycling centre I drove home the long way. First stop was by the River Kennet just outside Axford.  Chiffchaff was the first species noted with two seen flitting around. Then it was Blue, Great Tit and Chaffinch. Two Goldcrest were in a bush next to the path, they were both calling and one came to within a couple of feet of me, seemingly untroubled by my presence. On the river were varying numbers of Swan, Cormorant, Mallard and Moorhen. The explosive call of a Cetti’s was heard but despite trying was not seen. Neither was a Nuthatch that was in the trees above me. A Grey Wagtail flew along the river and a small flock of Redwing along with a couple of Bullfinches appeared and landed in the top of the trees. On the drive home there were large numbers of Pheasants and Red-legged Partridges, many destined for the pot I would think. Near to home a Kestrel and a couple of Buzzards were seen.

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