Better than decorating!

It was straight home from work and out with the paintbrush for me today. However when i came out of work and saw what a lovely evening it was I decided that the dog deserved a walk at his favourite place Liddington Hill. I arrived at the Hill at just gone half past five. All was quiet on the bird front with just a few Crows and Jackdaws seen. A couple of Linnets flew over and a Blackbird was heard. I spent a couple of minutes scanning the grass but saw nothing. Moving on I became aware of birdsound, Fieldfare, but where were they? I soon found them perched low on a Hawthorn by the field edge. My first ones of the Autumn. Turning back towards the car I saw a bird fly down from the ridge, it was a Ring Ouzel and it disappeared into another Hawthorn, soon to be followed by another. Following the hedgerow along I found a Song Thrush, a Robin and some more Blackbirds. Then another, or one of the same Ring Ouzels was seen flying across in front of me. An excellent end to a spur of the moment walk. Then it was back home to get on with the painting.

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