Ireland or Liddington? Another dilemma

Do I drop everything and head for Ireland hoping for the Eastern Kingbird and Belted Kingfisheralong with many other listers or do I take the dog up to Liddington? Easy decision in the end as I didn’t go to bed until almost two this morning so would have been way to tired for the twitch. Plus I have loads to do at home and there is a WOS trip to Portland tomorrow. Actually there is no way I would have even considered it although if they had been on the Welsh coast I may have been tempted, especially for the Kingfisher. So Liddington it was on a cold and misty morning. Also extremely wet underfoot. Quiet to start but as the sun burnt off the mist the birds appeared with singing Skylark and Corn Bunting a nice surprise. Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Yellowhammer were seen along with along with a few Blackbirds and Mistle Thrushes, probably new arrivals. A probable Redwing flew over as did three Swallows. Plenty of Meadow Pipits, a few Linnets and more Skylarks were around at the top of the hill and back at Chiseldon a brief snatch of song from a Willow Warbler. A pleasant walk on a lovely morning, what more could you ask for.


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