At the end of the day.

A day off work today for a trip to Silverstone where my son was having a drive in a single seat race car.  Coate Water was my first stop to have a quick look for a Little Gull that was seen earlier in the week. As expected it wasn’t seen. Taking a cross-country route the flooded fields near Kelmscott had large numbers of gulls loafing around. Also seen along the way were a few Red Kites. At Silverstone were loads of corvids, and a few Pied Wagtails. Reacting to a text I had received  my original plan of a stop at Farmoor was changed for a stop at the Water Park.  After a very pleasant drive through the Cotswolds I arrived at Twitchers Gate. Along with two other birders, Nigel and Mark we started searching for the reported  Little Stint. First a Ruff was seen and then a Lapwing.  Mark then found the Little Stint, an excellent find, as it was sleeping and blended into the stony ground it was stood upon. There was no sign of the Great White Egret although it had been seen earlier on in the afternoon. So what started out as a non-birding day ended with an unexpected Wiltshire tick.

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