Fool on the Hill

I hadn’t long left the car when I realised I wasn’t dressed for the conditions, cool and with a hint of rain and me with a thin sweatshirt and no coat. It had seemed okay when I looked out the window half-an-hour earlier. With just pigeons, corvids and gulls seen in the first few minutes it appeared that the birds weren’t impressed with the conditions either. A Redstart was heard by the gate at the end of the track from Folly Farm but it wasn’t showing. A few more birds were seen with Great and Blue Tit, Yellowhammer and Kestrel into the book. Only a few Crows were seen along the ridge and on the castle itself where a few Swallows and Meadow Pipits. A lone Wheatear popped up on the fence and a Yellow Wagtail flew over. Heading back along the bottom of the field, a fair-sized Charm of Goldfinches were again feeding in the shelter belt and on approaching the gate again the Redstart was seen on the fence giving the opportunity for a poor quality photo. It disappeared back into the hedgerow so I sat myself down on the damp grass hoping it would come out so I could get a decent picture. After fifteen minutes I gave up and headed home for a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie.

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