It’s all a matter of timing

It was an after work drive to London or me today with a stop at Farmoor on the way. Just before four another heavy rainstorm arrived over Swindon and heading east. Leaving work the rain had stopped and as I headed towards Oxford the sun appeared creating a fabulous double rainbow. I followed the tail end of the rain all the way but when I arrived at Farmoor the sun was out. Just in case I kitted myself up in full waterproofs and headed off towards the causeway. I met up with a local birder (whose name I didn’t get) and we headed off across the reservoir. There were masses of Hirundines feeding low over the water with all four of the common species seen. As always there were plenty of Pied Wagtails and also a couple of White. First wader seen was a confiding juvenile Ringed Plover follwed by a Common Sandpiper. Further on was a single Dunlin and then a group of four more, along with the Little Stint that has been around for a few days. This was a year tick for me.  An Eygptian Goose was found amongst the flock of Canada’s. Finally a chance to try out the new scope with which I successfully found the juvenile Little Gull that we had been told was there. Also seen were the local Insomniac and Paranoid birders and best of the day, a visiting birder who turned out to be visiting from Barbados! So a very successful visit which was all the better for managing to dodge the rain. Then it was off to London and then back home, arriving just before ten.


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